What’s included in the initial assessment?

Initial appointments are primarily used to gather a client’s personal history and establish a foundation for further sessions, working to create mutually determined goals and outcomes of treatment.  I usually break this into two sessions.  Please note that the rate for the initial sessions is higher if you are paying out of pocket (250.00 vs 200.00 per hour).  The second intake appointment focuses primarily on creating a plan of action for the treatment that will be modified throughout a client's time in therapy as needed.

What are your business hours?

My appointment schedule varies by day; however, I am usually "in the office" every day except Friday. I do not have a call service, but am usually available via phone in an emergency.

Is there any treatment that you cannot provide?

Yes.  I do not treat individuals with substance abuse or dependence.  I also do not see young children, couples or families.  For clients that are engaged in acute eating disorder behavior, I require simultaneous treatment with a nutritionist or dietitian and an outpatient treatment group for eating disorders.