Individualized Psychotherapy

Life is challenging.  Psychotherapy can help.  I utilize a mindful individualized approach in collaboration with clients to invoke change.

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Consultation and Supervision

New to providing therapy?  Want to talk about the issues you face day to day with clients?  Carefully planned consultation and supervision may be just what you need.

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Yoga and Meditation

As a certified yoga instructor, I can provide a variety of services that address anxiety and depression utilizing mindfulness techniques and easily learned yoga postures.

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Why Psychotherapy Now?

Life is difficult at times.  Creating change within oneself that is lasting and meaningful sometimes requires a little assistance.  I provide evidence based psychotherapy to adolescents and adults which helps to restore the balance lost in everyday relationships.

Although life can be challenging at times, there are ways to renew purpose, reconnect, and re-establish a sense of trust.  As such, my primary goal as an independent psychologist is to assist clients in achieving their very best life.  Please feel free to contact me for a telephone consultation to see if I am the right provider for you.



Next Steps...

Please reach out for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment today.  Peace and blessings.